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Why Support the Legal Center for Nonprofits?

Imagine—you’ve got a great idea, something that could really help our SouthCoast community, make a positive impact in the world, and create true change.  You want to build a nonprofit, but you don’t know where to start, how to establish it or how to manage it.

That’s where the Legal Center for Nonprofits can help. LCN helps people to fully develop their great ideas for nonprofits, while supporting them in understanding and dealing with the many legal and organizational issues they encounter along the way. In short, LCN builds the capacity of nonprofits in the SouthCoast.

As one organization assisted by LCN said, “When we began our quest to become a nonprofit organization, the Legal Center for Nonprofits was there….without them our food pantry would not exist.” (St. Anne’s Food Pantry)

We offer legal services and training on legal aspects of nonprofit management so nonprofits can spend more of their time and money advancing their missions.

LCN has worked with more than 100 organizations doing transformational work in SouthCoast and beyond, through its legal services and educational programming.  Organizations we’ve helped include:

  • Youth organizations
  • Elders
  • Educational
  • Homeless
  • Community improvement
  • Animal rescue and shelters
  • Food pantries
  • Veterans
  • And many others…

LCN is dedicated to ensuring area nonprofits succeed—we work with each person who comes to us to help them understand the challenges of a nonprofit start-up and to discern the best path for their idea.  In addition, we counsel clients on a range of issues like how to build their board of directors, legal compliance, and fundraising fundamentals.  We even coach groups through their first board meetings.

When you support LCN, you are supporting the entire nonprofit community in the SouthCoast. You are helping nonprofits achieve the fullest expression of their missions.  Their success strengthens our entire community.

Like our clients, the Legal Center for Nonprofits is itself a nonprofit. To provide services to these nonprofits, LCN depends on donations from individuals like you.

Help us to build a better tomorrow in the Southcoast— please make a gift to LCN so it can continue to unleash the power of nonprofits in our community.

The Legal Center for Nonprofits, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.